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Introductory offer details

zebNet Bookmark Manager is being released together with an introductory offer that is valid until 30. September 2021. The details of this introductory offer are listed below. Within the validity period, customers can take advantage of this offer as often as required so you can place as many orders as you want. After 30. September 2021, zebNet Bookmark Manager can be purchased at the regular prices. There is no legal claim.

The zebNet Bookmark Manager introductory offer includes:

Discounted license prices
zebNet Bookmark Manager can be purchased at a reduced price during the introductory phase, whereby a single-user license can be acquired during the introductory phase for only 9.99 euros plus VAT. All other types of license, such as the family license, can also be purchased at a discount during the introductory phase. After the introductory phase, the regular license prices apply.

100% Cashback on your order
When purchasing one or more zebNet Bookmark Manager licenses during the introductory phase, you will receive the total value of your order as a credit to your customer account. For example, if you purchase a single-user license for 9.99 euros, you will receive the equivalent of 9.99 euros credited back to your customer account immediately after your payment. You receive the cashback on all zebNet Bookmark Manager licenses and it is not just limited to a single user license. The credit can then be used for a future order in the zebNet shop (without a minimum order value). The cashback is only credited as a customer account credit. There is no cash payment and you won't receive actual money from us.

Extended Update & Support Subscription
For every zebNet Bookmark Manager license that is purchased and activated during the introductory phase, you automatically receive an Update & Support subscription with a validity of two (2) years instead of normally one year. You can find more information about the Update & Support Subscription here. In order to get the validity of two years, the license must be activated during the introductory phase. Licenses that are activated after the introductory phase have the regular validity of one year, even if they have been purchased during the introductory phase.

The introductory phase ends on September 30, 2021 and won't be extended.

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